An investment platform that meets all regulatory and operational needs

Launching an investment product involves a vast number of regulatory requirements that can prove incredibly expensive to set up. At the same time, investment firms are facing increasing demands to make data secure and instantly available – both from the regulator and their investor base. Providers that fail to take this into account when launching an investment will find themselves at an immediate disadvantage.

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    At Northern Provident, we believe our digital distribution platform can help firms to manage these reporting challenges and remain competitive. We have built a white label solution that integrates seamlessly with existing company software, and covers every aspect of the reporting and regulatory process. It includes:

    • All legally required client onboarding procedures – including KYC, AML and jurisdiction checks – as well as confirming high-net-worth and sophisticated investor status.
    • Full asset custody and process of fund transfers, withdrawals and interest payments
    • Secure client portal set-up with unique log-in details for ongoing access, offering client transparency and ease of service.
    • Comprehensive back-up servicing, eliminating operational down-time and with complete audit trails.

    Operational excellence – without the administrative burden

    Our online platform gives providers everything they need to launch and manage an investment, without compromising on regulatory protocols or commitment to customer excellence. And everything is hosted in your brand, ensuring you maintain the relationship with your investors.

    Get in touch to find out how our fully-hosted digital platform can help transform your operations.